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Our Clients

Here are a few examples of how we helped our clients

Sports analytics

A Professional Sports Team

Data analytics for a local business

A Local Shop

We had the pleasure of working with a professional sports team to help them get started with sports analytics. We built the code to get match data from an external data provider, automated the data-cleaning pipeline and created some custom statistics to provide automated scouting reports.

We used Python for the programming language for this project.

Les Douceurs du Marché is one of the top specialty shops for fine foods in Canada. We provided them with general advice and a roadmap to help them value their data. For example, we recommended using Market Basket Analysis to better understand what clients buy and optimize product placement in the store.

data analytics for an insurance company

An Insurance Company

We were in charge of helping this insurance company create a risk & profitability model to optimize new client opportunities while reducing risks for auto insurance.

We used the R programming language and a model that favours transparency.

virtual trading

Virtual Energy Trading

We helped the team try different cutting-edge algorithms to find the best predictive model to trade on a virtual electricity market. We tried a mix of time series and machine learning approaches. We created many new useful variables for the model and helped them reach their profitability objectives.

A local shop

A Local Restaurant

Here, we provided general advice to determine how data could be used to optimize processes and increase profits for this popular Montréal restaurant.

Data analytics and statistics

And many others!

We have many other examples to share with you, if you'd like to learn more about us.

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