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Data Strategy and Analytics Training

We offer different seminars, customized training plans or one-on-one meetings so that we can give advice and share our knowledge. Grow your technical skills and learn about best practices. Avoid the classic mistakes, become more efficient and get a better return on your investment for data projects. 

Who is this recommended for?

Data Analysts & Scientists

Grow your technical skills!


Possible topics include data visualizations, statistical testing, survival analysis, machine learning, text mining, time series, simulation, data storytelling and more.

How does it work?

First, contact us so we can talk about the contents of the training material and make sure it corresponds to your needs. 

Next, pick a date and time for the event and we will train you and your team, in person or online. We provide a notebook filled with code and explanations that you can reuse in your future projects!

We can also use your own data. Contact us for a quote. 


Data Science Managers 

We can share our technical knowledge with you & your team, or share best practices and tips to help you achieve your objectives. 

Other Managers

Even though you are not a manager in a data department, there are many ways data can help you! Automating processes with code, generating automatic reports or dashboards, and answering business questions using data are some examples.

We can show you specific examples for your team and grow your overall AI and data knowledge. 


After taking the time to get to know your business and your objectives, we can make specific recommendations to help extract the most value out of your data. We can present case studies and share our knowledge.

If needed, we can also explain key concepts so that you can have a better understanding of AI, data science and other technical terms.  

See our other services like strategic advice and custom roadmaps. 


Matt has been doing a great job managing his team for an insurance company. He has been working there for 10 years and knows the business very well (claims, pricing, corporate actuarial, risk management, ...).  Matt is transferred to the data science team so that he can use his business knowledge to optimize this department's output and ensure the projects are aligned with business needs. However, Matt feels uneasy as he does not have a data analytics background and it's hard for him to take decisions when he can't understand what his data scientists are saying sometimes. He could ask the data scientists to train him to learn the basics of data science, or he could read books and take online classes to learn by himself. Neither option is optimal. We're here to offer something better: one-on-one meetings with Matt, over the course of a few weeks or months, to help him get the basic technical knowledge he needs quickly and efficiently. We will also share with him tips to manage data scientists, common mistakes to avoid and best practices to optimize efficiency. We will also be able to answer his questions and tailor our recommendations to Matt's company specifically. 

For more examples, book a meeting with us!

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