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General Analytics Advice and Support

After learning more about your company, we will be able to offer advice to help you extract value from your data.

This can range from general advice or a methodological review to helping you manage your data science department.

Planning and Custom Roadmaps

Planning and having a custom roadmap will help you get a better return on your investment by anticipating potential roadblocks, helping you define concrete objectives and learning about best practices.

Seminars and Customized Trainings

Choose from our catalogue of seminars to help your team develop to its full potential. If you prefer we use your own data, we can create customized training materials for your team! Our training expert has been teaching data science since 2021 at HEC Montréal, a local University.

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Predictive Modelling and Business Intelligence

We also offer the classic data science services : data cleaning, dashboards, machine learning, statistical modelling, clustering, A/B testing, ...

Analytics 1-on-1 Coaching for Managers

This is recommended for all data science managers that do not have a technical background.

Also, managers from other non-data departments would also find this useful to help their career progression by understanding how data can be used throughout the company and what A.I. can do to help the company grow and optimize processes.

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Helping you build a Data Science Department

If you would like to build a data science department but don't know where to start, we can help with planning, defining responsibilities, writing job postings, interviewing candidates and more

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